Choosing Domain Name for Your Website

In this modern age, where people automatically refer to the internet for the smallest of details, it would be foolish for your business not to have a website. Websites not only help in promoting your brand name or business, they also serve as your business identity online.

So, you have finally decided to launch your online business. What you need is a solid website, filled with choosing domainrelevant information about your products and services. To get a high flow of clients, you need to make sure you have a good domain name. The right name for your website should hold your entire company. To select the domain name suitable for your company.

Should the domain have the similarity with your business name?

Although it is a good practice to have domain names similar to your business names, there are websites which are doing great with domain names telling about their services or products instead. There is no mention of company name on such domains. Also some companies buy multiple domain names for the same business, in order to attract wider segments of customers.

If the domain name that you are looking for has already been taken by another company, then you could consider going for the same domain names with other extensions,.net, etc.

Keep It Grammatically Correct and Simple to Understand:

  • Use proper names, which are appealing and can be remembered easily.
  • Avoid using slangs and shortcuts.
  • Stay away from numbers and hyphens
  • Be a brand


Too many hyphens and numbers make the name difficult to recall, especially when telling others about it, as we tend to skip the minute details. If you need to insert hyphens, you should do it, as your company name would show up in search results much quickly, but don’t overdo it!

Keep it short, but not too short:

A short name, without a doubt, can be recalled quickly. However, don’t make it too short. For example, if the company name used by you is, “The Jam Producing Company Of California”, you cannot keep your domain name as an abbreviation, “TJPCC”, and expect the consumers to remember it. It simply does not work that way. It’s better to keep a longer name, than an easily forgotten name.

Act quickly, be smart, and shield your brand:

    • Domain names are cheap and easily available, but you should act fast, if you want your desired brand name.
    • Investigate the domain name that you have selected, and ensure that it’s not a copyright or a business name, as this could cause legal problems, which is a waste of both, time and money. Be tactful to avoid such problems.
    • Shield your business by buying multiple domain extensions, so as to cut out competition. This would ensure that all businesses are directed to you.

Most people prefer domain names that end in “.com”. These names however are not easily available and are usually taken up. If such a thing does happen, go for the “.net” or “.org” domain, but make sure that you advertise and promote your business with the complete domain name.

If you are facing any difficulty in getting an appropriate name, you could always refer to the domain registrars available online, which would aid you in selecting the perfect domain name.

A good domain name is important for your online company’s success. Take these pointers into mind and build your company’s future with the right domain name.

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